DEW and Lt. Governor Pamela Evette Announce Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders Youth Employment Initiative

DEW and Lt. Governor Pamela Evette Announce Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders Youth Employment Initiative

The S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce and Lt. Governor Pamela Evette Announce Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders Youth Employment Initiative

Originally published by DEW on Monday, May 6, 2024

Columbia, S.C. – Throughout May, the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW) celebrates SC@Work: School to Success, recognizing how youth strengthen our workforce and how our agency helps connect them with employers across the state. As part of this observance and DEW’s ongoing partnership with South Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor to encourage young people to join the workforce, a joint press conference with Lt. Governor Pamela Evette and DEW Executive Director William Floyd was held on Wednesday, May 1st, at the Charleston Area Convention Center to announce the launch of Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders. This initiative promotes the importance of youth employment and a brand-new job board made for teenagers.

“I’ve heard repeatedly from business owners that graduates entering the workforce often lack crucial soft skills, like responsibility, effective communication, teamwork, and many other important attributes necessary to succeed in adulthood,” said Lt. Governor Pamela Evette. “Nothing compares to hands-on experience working a part-time job. These jobs allow our young people to gain valuable experience before entering the workforce. I’m proud to partner with DEW to educate parents about this great need and the terrific employment opportunities available across the state.” 

youth employment site

Several exciting projects were announced at the press conference, including the launch of the Youth Employment Site (YES) job board. This online job database is a dedicated hub for South Carolina’s teenagers. The job board features local businesses statewide that hire youth and shows which jobs are available and how to apply. The site is mobile-friendly; employers can be accessed by zip code, age, experience level, and more.

With its public launch, the job board will continue to grow and flourish, as businesses can now request to be featured on the site and work with DEW directly to promote their jobs to young people across the state. Interested employers can refer to the Digital Press Kit to learn how to participate.

“Connecting young people with job opportunities early in their schooling is essential for our developing workforce and part of the mission of our agency,” said DEW Executive Director William Floyd. “Whether after school or seasonal work, part-time jobs are foundational training grounds for young people that enable them to become our future industry leaders and great workers.”  

Another unveiling during the press conference was that the Lt. Governor’s Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders Initiative has its page now on the DEW website, available at This new youth webpage houses employment resources for young people and their parents, including resume-building tips, information about soft skills, answers to parents’ frequently asked questions, and more.  

In addition to the YES job board being accessible on this DEW webpage, it also includes links to recent and prior youth employer visits during which the Lt. Governor and DEW traveled the state and connected with employers and their teen employees. For example, last week, they toured Chick-fil-A in Goose Creek, SC, and saw a very impressive group of youth working hard and actively learning lifelong lessons, such as arriving on time and being ready to work. Additional visits to employers across the state are planned throughout this year. 

Chick fil A visit

Immediately following the press conference, Lt. Governor Evette and Executive Director Floyd walked through the Your Next Step Job Fair next door, which DEW, SC Works, and the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments hosted. Both leaders spoke with some of the more than 80 participating employers.

The event was attended by over 280 graduating high school seniors from 26 high schools in Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester counties in the morning, while members of the general public attended in the afternoon. That morning’s career fair was just one of DEW’s many youth-oriented events that will take place during SC@Work: School to Success Month as students move toward summer break and graduation season.

With the recent activity of graduating students and summer jobs becoming available, there has never been a more opportune time for parents and teens to say YES to youth employment.

Contact to learn more about the Lt. Governor’s Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders Initiative and the exceptional job board, web pages, and resources available to young people across the state.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Lt. Governor Evette’s Employment Initiative

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Lt. Governor Evette’s Employment Initiative

Lt. Governor Evette joined the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce on Wednesday, May 1st for a joint press conference announcing the launch of the Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Lt. Governor Evette’s Employment Initiative webpage at

This is an overview page filled with resources and helpful tips, and the Youth Employment Services/Site (YES) job board, which is an online job database that showcases work opportunities for teenage jobseekers with no prior experience.

This online job board is a safe and interactive introduction to the workforce with a myriad of resources. Young people, parents, and educators can find job postings from employers across the state in various industries. The job board is searchable with filters, including looking up work by zip code, and offers background information, directions, and application resources for all participating employers. The Regional Workforce Advisors (RWAs) at DEW are instrumental in the upkeep and verification of the job database as they are the statewide lynchpins between employers and students.

From small businesses to major employers, seasonal part-time work to apprenticeships, professional growth opportunities, and everything else in between:  This job board encourages everyone to say YES to youth employment! 

Visit the Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders webpage here:

Lieutenant Governor Evette visits Lowcountry discussing youth employment

Lieutenant Governor Evette visits Lowcountry discussing youth employment

Originally posted on May 1st by WCBD by Raymond Owens

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCBD) — South Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor Pamela Evette spent Wednesday in the Lowcountry discussing youth employment.

Evette was at Chick-fil-A in Goose Creek, learning about the restaurant’s business practices and the skills younger employees are developing by working there. 

Several employees discussed with News 2 some of the skills they are utilizing on a daily basis at the Chick-fil-A. 

“So discipline, that’s one of the big things for me,” said Taylor Pennington, team member and trainer. “Being a full-time student, I have to discipline myself. Doing schoolwork and then coming to work and being able to serve those guests.”

 Another team member discussed the reassurance they get from having a team to count on. 

“Just being able to step back no matter how busy and no matter how stressed I am,” said Harrison Livingston. “Knowing that I have a great team to rely on and support me in any way I can. It’s really reassuring.” 

Evette toured the location for about an hour Wednesday afternoon, where 30 to 50 employees, many of them young people, work daily. 

William Floyd, the Executive Director of the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce, joined Evette for a press conference at the North Charleston Coliseum earlier in the day. The pair announced an online data website that shows jobs available for youth in the state. 

“We connect people with work and work with people, especially included our youth,” Floyd said. “Some youth are looking for part-time jobs because they haven’t graduated yet. There’s a great opportunity to do that through the lieutenant governor’s website that she initiated.”

Teenagers can search for jobs based on their zip code and discover job opportunities available near them. 

“How do we help, first of all, small businesses by getting kids working? And then a message to parents,” Evette said. “Parents, we need to get your kids off the couch. If you kick them out of the house to get them a job when they’re young, that is something that will be a runway of success for them forever.”

The National Lieutenant Governors Association donates 100 STEM toys to the YMCA of Coastal Carolina

The National Lieutenant Governors Association donates 100 STEM toys to the YMCA of Coastal Carolina

Originally published April 25, 2024 by the YMCA of Coastal Carolina

The YMCA of Coastal Carolina was the proud recipient of the NLGA STEM Service Project donations at the National Lieutenant Governors Association Spring Meeting.  

David Byrd, Chief Executive Officer for the YMCA of Coastal Carolina thanked the NLGA participants and said, “STEM is a big part of our future. Our YMCAs across the United States and particularly here in South Carolina, focus heavily on STEM. I see it everyday with our kids and our families. We are honored today to receive this gift of 100 STEM toys.” 

Sponsored by BMW Manufacturing Co, NLGA Members wrapped and donated 100 STEM-related toys to the YMCA of Coastal Carolina to give to kids in our programs.  As of April 1, 2024, more than 450 youth in six states or territories have STEM opportunity as a direct result of NLGA Members meeting and working together.

“Getting our kids involved and engaged with STEM is so important to developing the workforce of tomorrow” said Lt. Governor Pamela Evette. “We are thankful to BMW for their support and the YMCA of Coastal Carolina for providing hands-on learning experiences throughout the school year and during the summers — allowing parents to get to work and helping our kids to thrive.”

YMCA Afterschool and Summer Camp programs incorporate STEM, literacy, academic support, and physical activity into the daily schedules. Evidence shows that providing out-of-school time (OST) learning directly impacts what is possible to learn inside classrooms — just as what happens in classrooms impacts OST learning.

Hatton Gravely, Chief Development Officer for the YMCA of Coastal Carolina, adds, “Kids learn through play, and these STEM toys will enhance what the kids are learning in school and at the Y in programs. We are so grateful to be selected by the NLGA for this wonderful gift!”

Evette hosts annual lieutenant governor’s conference in Myrtle Beach

Evette hosts annual lieutenant governor’s conference in Myrtle Beach

Originally posted by WBTW News 13, April 24, 2024 by Jackie LiBrizzi

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – Wednesday marked Day 1 of a three-day conference for the National Lieutenant Governors Association’s spring meeting in Myrtle Beach. 

This year’s conference was hosted by South Carolina Lt. Gov. Pamela Evette at the Marriott Myrtle Beach at Grande Dunes. 

The annual meeting was first organized by the nonprofit in 1962 with a mission to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of the office and government. National leaders met Wednesday to share ideas and solutions. 

Currently, South Carolina isn’t just the fastest growing state in the nation — it’s also a top-eight leader in ports, tourism and military. 

14 U.S. lieutenant governors were in attendance along with the lieutenant governor for Guam and the Secretary of State for Puerto Rico.

During the meeting, the chief financial officer for the state’s ports authority, Phil Padgett, said Charleston’s port is one of the busiest and most important ports in North America. He said it’s because of supply chain and trade.

Padgett said more than $3 billion has gone into capital investment in the last 15 years. He said that includes terminal capacity, transportation improvements, and import and exporting infrastructure.

He also discussed strategic priorities.

“A technical term us employees use, we liked to call it ‘sticky cargo,’ and what that means is the customer has to call our port, so we really want to create an environment where they have to come,” Padgett said. “We deliver critical infrastructure, and I’m sure you’ve seen this across the country, cranes, additional war space, maybe in passing.”

Many discussions were about “an eye to the future.” Padgett said growth rates are up and that means revenues are too.

Another state official who spoke during Wednesday’s meeting was Duane Parrish, South Carolina’s Director of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism.

Parrish said currently, South Carolina is the seventh-most visited state in the country. He said they started a grant program called “Undiscovered South Carolina” and since then, there’s been more than 6 million trips.

Parrish talked about the top trends he’s seen in our state parks.

“Our state parks, we have 47, we will add six more to what is already there. And maybe another five in another 12-14 months. State Park revenue is up 6.3% from the previous year,” he said. “Our state park numbers have doubled since pre-COVID, and that’s with the same number of parks. People have come in our recreation, boating, and you mark it back to COVID, it’s hard to find and very expensive.”

Parrish said he’s also noticed a rise in sports tourism. He said it’s now making up 10% of the global tourism industry. 

Maryland Lt. Gov. Aruna Miller was also on a peer panel during Wednesday’s meeting. Miller said around 3 a.m. on March 26, she woke up to a phone call. 

She said a cargo ship the size of the Eiffel Tower collided into their Francis Scott Key Bridge and killed six transportation workers.

Miller said there’s also been a great economic consequence from the collapse, closing the ninth-busiest port in our nation.

She said the annual economic activity of the port of Baltimore is about $70 billion, supporting more than 900 businesses, 8,000 direct jobs, and $140,000 jobs indirect and services. 

Miller said she and her governor meet with officials three times a week for updates and to strategize. She said so far, she’s attended three wakes and funerals. 

“I ask that you please continue to keep the victim’s families, our first responders, and the men and women who are working each and every single day courageously at our site to remove the wreckage.”

Miller said they’ll continue to grieve together, stand together and pray together.

Lieutenant Governor Pamela Evette speaks Clarendon County GOP meeting

Lieutenant Governor Pamela Evette speaks Clarendon County GOP meeting

by Melissa McCoy, Manning Live — originally posted on 2/18/2024

On February 8 th , the Clarendon County Republican Party (CCGOP) met for its regularly scheduled monthly meeting. The meeting was opened with prayer and CCGOP Chairman Moye Graham gave remarks and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Next, members recited the Republican Creed, led by Cindy Risher from the Executive Committee. June Brailsford, Treasurer, gave her report and Secretary Maureen Calvo followed with an update. This month’s meeting included several special guests. House Representative

District 64 Fawn Pedalino and South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Pamela Evette were in attendance as speakers.

Pedalino gave a brief rundown about the agreement that she and State Senator Kevin Johnson had come to regarding the school board trustees election map before moving on to more recent issues. Pedalino continued, “It is an election year with a lot of things to do, mostly focusing right now on our children, which I think is important.”

Pedalino explained the social media regulation bill and that it mandates age verification, requires parental consent, and provider/parental accounts. The intended goal is to take proactive steps to protect youth from potentially harmful online content. From there, Pedalino said that the committee went further and took the initiative to create the Child Online Safety Act. The COSA is designed to protect children from inappropriate online content such as pornographic material. “Most of you know it is everywhere and they can literally just login. Some of the kids already know what a VPN is and they can bypass it, but the goal was to stop as many as we could,” Pedalino noted.

The Help Not Harm bill, Pedalino describes, fights gender transition procedures to anyone under the age of 18. That would include surgeries as well as puberty blockers and hormone therapy. It restricts South Carolina Medicaid from covering these procedures for anyone under the age of 26. The bill also requires schools to notify parents that their children are making statements about being transgender as well as
holding doctors criminally accountable if they perform these procedures. “I was on this one the whole way, from beginning to end. I was on the committee,” Pedalino touted.

Another bill that passed recently was the maximum potential unemployment benefit bill. “Our state’s unemployment benefits seem to benefit our workforce businesses’ economy,“ Pedalino explained, “essentially the number of our number of weeks of unemployment benefits that a claimant may receive will be tied to the economic conditions.” She then gave the example that when jobs are readily available,
indicating a strong economy, benefits would be limited in an effort to encourage employment and workforce participation. 

Lastly, Pedalino discussed a bill that was close to her heart. “Another one we worked on, and it is sentimental to me, obviously, coming from an EMS background, [is] we created a position for fallen first responder’s survivors.”  The bill is designed to assist families of deceased first responders with benefits and support. “When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, you don’t know how to move forward. We want to be able to help with that process. It helps guide them through obtaining health insurance … and educational and financial benefits. This was something that we wanted to take to the Senate.”

After her update, Pedalino formally introduced Lieutenant Governor Evette. After thanking Graham and the crowd for inviting her to the meeting, Evette began to summarize her office’s accomplishments and future goals.

Evette described how she and Governor Henry McMaster “want to bring more opportunities to South Carolina.” She reported 1.7 billion in revenue in 2022 with BMW. “That was our largest economic development announcement that we had … we were so excited only to have that record broken 30 days later when Redway did a $3.5 billion economic development.” Evette was confident in many more businesses establishing themselves in South Carolina. “Let me tell you why they’re coming. Why? Because we are a great red conservative state. Businesses want the opportunity to be able to govern their own businesses.”

Next, Evette spoke regarding high school seniors, including her own, choosing technical colleges over traditional four-year universities. “You can go to one of our technical colleges here in South Carolina. You can get a really cool degree and you’ll go for two years. You will start out at $55,000 and in three years, if you prove yourself to be a good employee, which we all have to do, you can be making six figures. But the best part of that is you will have zero college debt.”

Evette touched on school choice and voter ID before moving on the national election. “I’m very passionate about school choice. I want every parent to be able to guide where their children go to school.

“We want fair elections. And here in South Carolina. We have made it easier to vote and harder to cheat. Right? There is no excuse to not show up in person you have two weeks before any election with your ID with your driver’s license or state issued ID card with your picture on it,” Evette expressed.

A loyal Trump supporter, Evette continually endorses the former president. “We have a presidential primary coming up next Saturday, the 24th , and I’m here to tell you, just to let the cat out of the bag, I’ve been supporting President Trump since 2015. I’ve been supporting him because he brings a sense of strength, peace through strength.”

Evette closed her speech for the evening with a quick question and answer session. A member from the CCGOP took the opportunity to ask the Lt. Governor if she planned to “follow Governor McMaster.”

Evette replied, “Right now, I’m just working really hard to get President Trump elected [and] to make sure we take back the Senate … I really love what I do. I can’t tell you what an honor it is to serve as your lieutenant governor.” She then left the crowd with a simple, “Look for me. I’m not going to be run off.”

Omron Automation to bring a $9.2 million investment and 162 jobs to Spartanburg

Omron Automation to bring a $9.2 million investment and 162 jobs to Spartanburg

Samantha Swann, Spartanburg Herald-Journal – originally posted 2/13/2024

A new automation facility is bringing more than 100 jobs and creating a $9.2 million investment at the Inland Port in Greer.

Omron Automation Americas is moving its facility from Renton, Washington, to Atlas at Inland Port Greer, located at 311 Genoble Road. The announcement was made on Feb. 8 during news conference held at Spartanburg Community College’s Spark Center SC in Duncan, located at the college’s Tyger River campus in Duncan.

Lt. Gov. Pamela Evette, Greer Mayor Rick Danner, County Councilman David Britt, and SCC President Michael Mikota joined representatives from the company to celebrate the move to Spartanburg County.

Omron Automation will join BMW, Keurig Dr. Pepper, and Milo’s Tea in making items in the county that will be used throughout the country and the world. Since starting its move, the company has used the Spark Center as a local base.

“Sometimes we get lulled into this sense that everybody does what we do, but they don’t. I’m reminded of that every time I’m with my colleagues from around the country, and I talk about all the amazing things going on here,” Evette said. “A place like we’re standing in today, a soft landing pad for businesses, that doesn’t happen everywhere, but it does happen here.”

Moving and expanding in South Carolina

Omron Automation will relocate to Greer between now and May. The facility will manufacture motion controllers and drives, machine vision, barcode readers and verification systems.

The move will coincide with an expansion of the facility’s use, which will include the creation of a Proof of Concept Center.

“This latest facility proudly is our fourteenth location in the Americas. It stands as our principal automation manufacturing location, and it joins a network of engineering design test labs (and) state-of-the-art proof of concept centers spanning from coast to coast,” President and CEO of Omron Automation Americas Robb Black said. “This site will include manufacturing, warehousing, and a new state-of-the-art automation Proof of Concept Center (that) will demonstrate the latest innovations in sensing control, safety, vision, motion and robotics.”

Chairman and CEO of Omron Management Center of America Nigel Blakeway said Greer was chosen after a comprehensive search of 85 cities.

“Spartanburg County stood out as an outstanding location because of the great access we have to a world-class workforce and the community partners that are already established here,” Blakeway said.

Now hiring: 100 + new jobs in manufacturing

The company is creating 162 jobs at the Inland Port Greer facility.

Omron Automation offers paid holidays, community service leave, a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance, a 401(k) with a 4% company match and performance-based bonuses to employees.

They are currently hiring for the Greer facility.

Samantha Swann covers city news, development and culture in Spartanburg. She is a University of South Carolina Upstate and Greenville Technical College alumna. Contact her at or on Instagram at @sam_on_spartanburg.

Lt. Gov. tours Volvo as plant gets ready to produce only electric vehicles

Lt. Gov. tours Volvo as plant gets ready to produce only electric vehicles

By Ann McGill originally published by Live 5 WCSC on Jan 25, 2024.

RIDGEVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) – Big changes are coming to the Volvo manufacturing plant in Ridgeville.

The automaker says just six years from now, the Swedish carmaker will go fully electric.

Starting in 2030, the company will kick gas-powered engines to the curb and only manufacture electric vehicles.

The company invited one of the state’s top officials to the Lowcountry to check out the plant as it prepares to move forward.

Lt. Governor Pamela Evette got full access to the assembly plant that is working to attract the next generation of manufacturing employees.

She even took part in a training exercise designed for new workers.

“This really gets continuity you know. There’s this manual you look at, you do it. The same thing everybody is trained on the same way. I think this is great. I think this is why it’s so important to get our kids involved in our robotics and STEM programs. Cause Legos are a huge part of that dexterity, that creativity,” Evette said.

Volvo is working with ReadySC on a new program to recruit students even before they graduate high school to help them get ready for that 2030 deadline. The Accelerator Program is working with seniors at Woodland, Ashley Ridge, Cross and Stall High Schools.

The company currently employs 2,000 people and is working to bring 1,300 more on board to staff a second shift as it prepares to roll out the all-electric EX90 SUV starting this summer.

There are two application events happening soon. The first one is on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Ridgeville at the Ridgeville Community Center people can fill out applications.

There’s another one happening Tuesday in Moncks Corner at the Moncks Corner Library from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

SC Lt. Gov visits Bamberg discussing economic development, rural communities

SC Lt. Gov visits Bamberg discussing economic development, rural communities

By Shawn Cabbagestalk, Originally Posted Jan 17, 2024 by WJBF News Channel 6

BAMBERG, S.C. (WJBF) – South Carolina Lt. Gov. Pamela Evette visiting Bamberg, S.C. It was one of many stops focusing on economic development and rural communities. “We know when companies come to rural communities, it, it changes everything for a town and a county and a city,” South Carolina Lt. Gov. Pamela Evette said.

In the aftermath of last week’s E-F 2 tornado, Lt. Gov. Pam Evette did not tour the damage. Instead, she toured Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing to highlight economic prospects in the area. Our cameras were not allowed inside for security reasons. “I met Phoenix when they were up in Greenville. They won a manufacturing award. So I said, I’d love to come down and see what you’re doing. So that’s what’s brought me here today, to become a better salesman for our state,” she added.

During the strategic tour, she highlighted the transformative impact of industrial development in rural areas and its positive effects. “When somebody makes an investment in our small communities, little by little all kinds of things start to change,” she said. “Grocery stores start to look at coming here, strip malls start to pop up. Builders get excited about building homes in those areas.”

Her vision extends beyond immediate challenges, addressing healthcare concerns and emphasizing the need for infrastructure development, including broadband access. “As other companies see the exciting growth that happens and how communities, really make them part of everything that’s happening, we know that that kind of news is very infectious,” she shared. “South Carolina is where everybody’s looking to grow and we’re looking to show ’em the success in these areas.”

Lt. Gov. Evette plans to visit the tornado-hit area to assess the damage, collaborating with South Carolina EMD to coordinate federal assistance. “They’re waiting word, to see what kind of funding, and how what they’ll declare that incident. So we’re just kind of waiting now on the feds,” Lt. Evette said. “I’m excited to see, the rebuild down here and just how it attracts people from all over the state to come down and support, support the businesses that have been impacted.”

She also visited the TICO tractor factory in Jasper County.

S.C. Technical College system helps state grow, Lt. Gov. Pamela Evette says

S.C. Technical College system helps state grow, Lt. Gov. Pamela Evette says

By Matthew Christian, Originally published in the Aiken Standard on January 12, 2024

NORTH AUGUSTA — South Carolina’s technical education system is a big reason for the state’s economic growth, Lt. Gov. Pamela Evette said Jan. 10.

South Carolina broke its record for largest single economic development project announced twice in 2022, Evette told the women of the Steel Magnolias Republican women’s group at Southbound Smokehouse. 

BMW announced a $1.7 billion expansion of its Upstate operations, including $1 billion for the production of electric vehicles in Spartanburg and $700 million to build a battery assembly plant in Woodruff. 

Redwood Materials announced plans to construct a $3.5 billion plant in Berkeley County that will build electric vehicle parts. 

The Census Bureau recently announced that South Carolina led the nation in population growth percentage from 2022-2023. 

“We keep growing because we are so blessed with an amazing technical college system,” Evette said. “We can create the workforce of tomorrow.” 

South Carolina’s technical college system includes 16 schools serving different areas of the state. Aiken County is served by Aiken Technical College. 

Evette added her middle son, Joey, chose to attend Greenville Technical College. 

The Evettes live north of Greenville in Travelers Rest. 

Evette said Joey played lacrosse in high school, and her friends would ask her about Joey’s college plans at the games. She said Joey was the smartest of her three children but didn’t want to be in school anymore. 

“Oh my God, he didn’t get into Clemson,” Evette remembers her friends asking. “It really dawned on me how everyone viewed our technical college system as almost a second-tier option.” 

Most people don’t realize there are good careers for graduates of a technical college, Evette continued.

She added someone with a mechatronics degree — design and analysis of sensors and actuators — can make $55,000 per year and, if that person is a good employee, six figures three years after graduation.

The best part, Evette continued, is that graduates will have zero college debt. 

Evette said she tours businesses around the state — she visited Aiken’s AGY plant in 2023 — and speaks to groups of Republicans. She said she is often told by businesses that employees need soft skills and by parents that children need to learn fiscal responsibility. 

“Really all we need to do is get our kids working again,” Evette said. 

She added youth employment is as low as it’s been. 

“Kids will learn soft skills in that first job,” Evette continued. “You can’t teach fiscal responsibility to someone who’s never had a job. They don’t know what they’re giving up to earn a dollar.” 

Evette said she’s started a statewide campaign to encourage parents to let their children get afterschool jobs